Hey Beauty, treat yourself to something special!

Created in 2016, Gem Fizz was started to combine the passion we have for luxury products and our love of vintage glamour. Each bath bomb is handmade using all natural ingredients, inspired by women who have pushed the envelope. Our hope is that you take some time to pamper yourself, enjoy life’s pleasures and have a little shiny something after!

Don't Worry About Losing your Jewelry!

Each piece of jewelry has been hand selected by us within a capsule, so don't worry your gem will not be lost to the drain.



Contains timeless jewelry that have had a past life (35+ years old). This bath bomb is slightly larger to account for the size of the pieces within. We have hand cleaned each piece to ensure the highest sparkle!

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Include never worn necklaces, bracelets, and earrings we have hand selected to make you feel glamorous as well as fit any occasion. Each item can easily fit into anybody's jewelry rotation.

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